Wedding Invitation Design Guide and Etiquette

Posted by on May 9, 2019 in News
Wedding invite design

Wedding invitations are an important part of the celebration, for many it can set the tone of the day, with design, typeface and colours all playing a major part. For more distant family and friends that haven’t been told face to face, this may be the first wedding stationery that they receive, which makes it even more important to get it right. Whether you’re a designer looking to brush up on your wedding invite skills, or the happy couple starting to think about how you want your wedding invites to look, this guide will help you think about the layout and overall design of your invites.


The colours are vital for the invite as these will set the tone for the whole wedding. If you’re having a theme, make sure this is reflected with the invites too. Additionally, make sure they aren’t too novelty (unless that’s something you’re pursuing) as this can take away from the importance of the big day. Using a romantic and subtle colour palette will keep the invite well balanced and still express the correct message of the wedding.

Wedding invite design


Typeface, otherwise known as font, can be equally, if not more important than colour. The typefaces you use will be the anchor of the invite, it’s what people will spend the most time looking at and paying the most attention to. One of the most important (and obvious) things to remember about choosing fonts is ensuring that they are legible. A calligraphy font can look really nice but when the text is small, it’s difficult to read. We’d suggest using these sorts of typefaces for large text only and using a less intricate one for the smaller text so that it’s easier to read.

Additionally, remember to pay special attention to the ampersands as these will typically hold the centre of the invite, between the names of the happy couple. Using a dramatic and stylish font for the ‘&’ will add a dynamic edge to the invite and catch people’s attention.

Therefore, when choosing the typeface(s) to use for the invite, consider a bold contrast, with one elegant script font for the larger text and names and a cleaner, much more legible font for the smaller text. This contrast is not only pleasing to the eye but much easier for guests to read.

The Wording

Deciding what to say and how to say it can be a tricky part of wedding invite design, as many people have preferences over what they do and don’t say. Remember to include all the vital details such as:

– The names of the happy couple
– The names of the hosts/parents
– The actual invitation to attend the wedding or evening reception
– The location
– The date and time
– Dress code
– RSVP details and deadline

These are the most important points to include and there may be other things required as needed such as:

– Whether there will be photos on the day
– Gifts/Charity Donations
– Whether you can bring children or if it’s adult only
– Patterns, Graphics and Decorative Elements

Now that the colours and text are in place, you may feel that the invite is feeling more educational than ‘inviting’. This is likely due to the lack of visually-pleasing decorative elements. Although invitations that are designed with text onto plain colour, creating a minimal feel, are popular and can look great, we like to add something a little extra into the mix. Using dividers and borders can be a great way to break up the text and separate sections so that people aren’t overwhelmed when looking at the design. Additionally, introducing graphics or patterns can provide light relief from the text-heavy design. This is also a great chance to reinforce a theme that will be carried out across the big day.

Wedding invite design

Preparing for Print

As a print company, this is the most important aspect for us as we think the right print can make or break an invitation. Even if your layout is spot-on, having a cheap or low-quality print can take away from the fantastic design. Using a gloss, matte or textured print can really breathe life into your invitations and make them unique. Consider adding extras such as gold foiling or a perforated edge so that people can tear off the response card and keep the section with the details.

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