5 Top Tips for Running a Successful Exhibition Stand

Posted by on May 28, 2019 in News
exhibition stand

Every prospective exhibitor is concerned with the amount of traffic they’ll get on the day. It’s always a worry that you haven’t planned to make your exhibit engaging enough or entertaining enough to draw a crowd. Well, worry no more, as in this blog we will discuss how you can ensure that your exhibit is a resounding success! Read on to find our top five tips for running an unbeaten exhibition stand:

1: Make Your Exhibit Welcoming

Our number one tip for ensuring that your stand is a success is to make sure that it feels welcoming for the people you’re trying to attract. It’s essential you stay engaged throughout the entire exhibit – this is because people will be more inclined to come and speak to you if you’re making eye contact and engaging with the crowd. An exhibitor who is on their phone and not making eye contact with anyone is significantly less approachable than a smiling, happy one.

Also, make sure that you aren’t talking to people through a table of clutter. Making sure that your table is clean makes it easier for people to approach you, and therefore will make it so more people are inclined to come and speak to you about your exhibit. Remember – an organised exhibit is a successful exhibit!

2: Make Your Exhibit Enjoyable

It’s imperative that you ensure that your exhibit is an interesting one. No one is going to come and see your display if they start yawning the second you look at it, so you need to ensure that that doesn’t happen.

The way to do this is to make sure that your topic is interesting in itself; if your stand is about bookkeeping, then you’re not likely to get any visitors (Unless you’re at an accounting expo). Verify that the topic you’re discussing is interesting enough to warrant an exhibition, or you might find that your engagement is shallow.

Once you’ve found an interesting topic, double-check that the story you’re trying to tell is also enjoyable. Ensure you have lots of “fun facts” on hand to keep your audience engaged, and check that you’re not just talking to people like you’re doing a primary school presentation. Your exhibit is only as interesting as you are.

3: Make Sure You Catch People’s Eye

Another important aspect is that you ensure that your exhibit stands out from the crowd. You can make sure that it does in a few different ways. For instance, if the expo centre doesn’t provide a table cloth, then you should. You’d be surprised as to how much of a difference the little extra things can do for your exhibit’s visibility. Brightsea print and supply many branded tablecloths for exhibitions.

If you want to get onto a larger scale, consider things like custom printed pull-up banners and brochures. These can make a large exhibit, as people will be able to engage with your display while you’re busy with other people.

4: Freebies!

Who doesn’t love free stuff? That’s right – no one. Free stuff is an almost guaranteed way to drive more traffic to your stall. From pens to USB sticks, people will flock to your stand to get free things.

You can either give these items away to passers-by or have your audience have to engage in getting the free stuff. For instance, you could run an activity where the prizes are the items that you’re giving away. This would be great for engagement and can help assure that your stall is a great success. Even the most uninterested person could find themselves voraciously engaging with your exhibit when there’s free stuff on the line.

Freebies are a fantastic way to help your exhibit, so if you are interested in getting some high quality, custom made items to give away at your exhibition, don’t hesitate to contact us here where we can send you a 200+ page online catalogue to browse through!

5: Have Fun

The most important part – make sure you have fun! If you’re not enjoying yourself, the people you’re talking to probably won’t be either. Ensure that you’re passionate about your topic to ensure that you enjoy yourself!

Remember – if you’re happy, then you’re more engaging…!

We hope that we’ve helped you out with at least one of these tips! Please have a look at our other blog posts and consider getting in touch regarding your business promotional items by clicking here!