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Brightsea Print Group produces thousands of personalised print products for a range of clients including councils, charities, theatres, car dealships, shops and gyms. We can personalise flyers, mailings, invitations, letters, brochures and more.

Personalisation is a great way to use your customer data to customise the content of your print. Personalised printing improves product attraction, increases usability, increases enquiries, orders and return on investment. We can even deal with the mail sorting and postage for you right here at Brightsea Print Group.

The most basic level of personalised printing is to include elements such as names, addresses and other text taken straight from your database. This information will be included on the carrier sheet (the sheet containing the customer’s address and mailing details) but can also be used to print onto items such as envelopes and the cover page of a catalogue for example. This information is traditionally printed using black inkjet or laser on specific areas left blank after litho printing the main catalogue or brochure.

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