J&R Food Service Rebrand

We have been working with the south west's leading food distributors J&R Food Service for over a year now. During that time we have been doing our best to work with what they had... So we were delighted when they asked us to refresh their logos for their upcoming trade show.

As with all good brand refreshes we didn't get too carried away and kept it simple. Out went the old over simplified peninsula graphic in place of a more accurate and grown up version. Carefully chosen corporate colours were used for the main branding with the scope to play with the colouring when it needs it.

The J&R itself has just been redrawn in a vector format and cleaned up bit. The whole logo is adaptable in a new format and looked after by us for the future. All the guys at J&R Foods love the new branding and can't wait to get their fleet of vehicles signwritten in the next couple of months... In fact, they were so happy that they asked us to refresh their sister company, Best of the West's branding too!

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