Hand holding service…

Whatever your requirements, talk to us first. Our friendly, experienced and professional sales team are there to advise and help you get the very best for your money.

We don’t work for our clients – we work with them and offer a complete hand holding service every step of the way. It is a policy that has seen us maintain an incredibly loyal client base – and attracted many new ones. Our friendly and knowledgeable print and pre-press staff have amassed a wealth of information in the many years that they have been in print. What they don't know isn't worth knowing.

If you are struggling with a project in any way our staff are more than happy to assist. Once a job is booked in with us it is in everyone's best interests to get it through the building as quickly and accurately is possible. You might have a question about paper stocks, sizes, colour comparisons, supplying artwork or simply how many business cards will fit on a printed sheet. Whatever your query please ask us.

For more information contact Brightsea today and start creating the right impression for your business tomorrow.

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