Bodyfix Clinics Re-brand

Our creative team were delighted when an existing customer recommended us for an upcoming re-brand job for a client in Taunton.

Bodyfix Clinics, owned by husband and wife team Rob and Caroline Date, is a sports injury and physio therapy clinic offering a wide range of services including massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture and preventative sports technique and cycling workshops. The couple had been in business for a number of years and thought it was time for a refresh of their current logo and branding and we were happy to assist.

The project involved coming up with a new logo which incorporated the feel of the current 'helping hand' they were already using. However after a number of drafts along these lines it was one of our other design ideas that stood out to Rob and Caroline.
The idea of using a leaping character as the X in the word Bodyfix gave the impression of how great the patient feels after having therapy. The journey of walking in to the clinic with chronic pain and walking out jumping for joy once they can move again.

Once the Bodyfix logo was approved we set about creating the branding around it using the swooping shapes of the X in the logo to make a border to separate the blocks of colour and images in the marketing materials and stationery. Rob wanted a brand that would work well on its own but could also work across the range of service on offer. The idea to colour code each service area for the fliers required us to put together a colour palette that was bright and eye catching but that also worked as a whole suite if displayed together. We used bright greens, blues and orange colour ways which allowed the white version of the logo to shine.

The back of each specific flier featured all the other services on offer and featured their branded colour. Designing the fliers in this way meant that no matter which flier a prospective customer picked up, they would also be able to see what else was on offer and maybe even recommend to a friend with a different condition. This made for a great marketing tool and used the reverse of the flier to gain increased customer response.

We carried this branding through to the couples business cards and appointment cards, business stationery and signage. The effect is quite striking and contemporary without alienating any specific types of audience. The clients the Bodyfix see are from all walks of life so it was important to be friendly and inviting with the styling and use of fonts.

The couple are very happy with the work so far and Rob had this to say; "Thank you! We have been really impressed with your work and keeping us updated on progress. Look forward to working on the next projects very soon!"

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