Brightsea Direct

Brightsea Direct is a portal that allows you to have complete control over your print 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is suitable for all customers from large multinational companies to ‘Fred in a shed’. We can tailor the system to your requirements and integrate it into your business’ processes. Even promotional items such as umbrellas, USB sticks, pens, etc can be ordered through this one print management system, giving you complete control.

Companies with offices on multiple sites will benefit from the ability to let individual offices organise their own print and stationery at the click of a button, whilst ensuring that the brand is still protected. Products can be ordered directly from stock that we hold for you, or ordered online as required. Your products are uploaded clearly with thumbnails, so that ordering could not be simpler. Templates can be amended online, allowing regular updating of business card details, for example, whilst maintaining corporate branding.

In the ever-faster world that we all compete in, you would have complete control of your print budget, detailed reporting at the touch of a button and control of brand and authorisation as well as the ability to set minimum stock re-ordering levels, so that you can rest assured that you will never run out of printed materials.