The Best Public Places to Put your Posters

Posted by on Jun 4, 2019 in News
Posters on a wall

Here at Brightsea, we love a good poster! Whether this is for an event, an upcoming film or an educational poster, they serve an important and central purpose to any marketing campaign. We’ve recently published an article that covers how to design a standout poster, whereas, in this article we look at how you can maximise the impact of your poster. Once you have it printed on high quality substrate, it’s important that the most people possible can see your poster. Here are our tips on where you can place your poster to ensure the most people possible can see it.

Shopping Centres and Supermarkets

When considering where to place your poster, it’s important to think of places that receive a high footfall. Supermarkets and shopping centres are busy all day, every day so you have a very high chance of people seeing your poster. Most of these places will have a noticeboard or an area for people to put adverts and posters so customers will know to look at these boards for any information on events etc.

Your Place of Work

Whether you work in an office, factory or any other work setting, chances are you’ll have an opportunity to share with your fellow colleagues. The bright, eye catching design of your poster will grab your fellow employees’ attention and have their attention in an instant. Remember to get advice from your colleagues on the design of the poster as well.

Typically, workplaces are a diverse melting pot of people, with different ages, interests and backgrounds all mixing together. This will give you an opportunity to test your poster with a target audience before taking it to the public.

Near Busy Roads and Crossings

High foot traffic is just as important as high car traffic, so why not take advantage of both? Roads and crossings are a great place to have your poster seen, remember that you don’t want to be distracting drivers, nor do you want them to drive past without noticing, so placement here is key. Putting your poster near traffic lights and crossings, where people both driving and on foot can spot it, can vastly increase the number of eyes on your poster.

For posters to be successful when positioned in these sorts of locations, they will need to be big and bold with minimal small lettering. Details should be clear and found without any effort on the viewer’s part. It’s also worth keeping the posters there for a couple of weeks to ensure that passersby see the message more than once.

Bus and Train Stations

Again, looking at locations of high foot traffic with lots of daily visitors, bus and train stations are a great place to get your poster seen. They also bring in lots of new visitors to the area, whether this is people looking to stay on holiday for a week or weekend, or business people staying for a night or two.

Somewhere Unexpected

Whether this is a local business that doesn’t typically advertise, or a unique location that people will pay attention to, locating your poster somewhere that people will notice it more is guaranteed grab people’s attention. Make sure to always get permission before putting your poster on a noticeboard, shop window, or any other privately owned location.

At the Venue

If you’re hosting an event, make sure to advertise it at the venue itself. This is more appropriate for indoor events as, typically, venues will have noticeboards or posters on display of their upcoming events. People that tend to go to events at a certain venue may also be interested in other things that are happening there so this a great way of attracting a new crowd to your event.

No matter where your poster is located, make sure it stands out from the crowd by using our Devon printing service. We use high quality substrate (paper and card, recycled or from sustainable sources FSC certified) and offer litho for high volume and digital printing for a small quantity. Even one to five posters is still feasible for Brightsea. Make sure you’ve read our article on designing a standout poster so that your design catches everyone’s attention!