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Stickers, who doesn’t love them? Whether it’s the small gold stars we received on a chart in school up to our favourite bands’ merchandise, stickers are everywhere. Stickers have actually been around since the 1800s, being used as a marketing tool far and wide before digital became the more dominant marketing tool. Despite that, they are still extremely useful and here is why they should still be in your marketing kit.

Stickers and Standing Out

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If we’re honest, online is saturated with ads to the point now where most of the time, they blur into the background while scrolling. Almost every other image we see on our screens is an ad for something, so we’ve got much better at just wading through them without paying any attention. Stickers, however, will help you stand out from that blur, especially as there has been space somewhat freed up ‘offline’.

Stickers, Word of Mouth and Personalisation

Word of mouth is the most trusted source of recommendation still; despite the fact we now live in a digital age. People trust other people that they know and are much more likely to ‘pay attention’ to a recommendation from them than from a stranger, on or off the internet. Stickers in the offline world only solidify the brand alongside the word of mouth.

On that same note, if someone is confident enough to wear a brand, it can also be seen as a stronger endorsement than the word of mouth itself. Customers brandishing stickers is also a much less aggressive way of advertising.

Stickers and Creativity

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Unlike other promotional material such as business cards where the information is the most important focus, stickers lend themselves much more to creativity. Of course, stickers will also hold some form of information, depending on what you would like to communicate to your potential customers, but they allow space for unique, authentic designs and eye-catching tricks that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Stickers can be heat reactive, scented, missing parts to complete a story – The options are endless.

Stickers are Multipurpose

When you think of stickers, the first thing that might spring to your mind are the small stickers that you get that you use to stick on paper or wall charts. Stickers can be made to any size, and for a variety of different surfaces. They can be used for large wall decals, for ‘on the floor’ marketing, or they can be stuck on windows. You can even get iron transfers for clothes, which means there isn’t many materials that stickers cannot be used on.

They are an Extension of Us

If there is one good reason for using stickers, it’s that people of all ages love them. There is something about stickers that just brings out the kid in all of us. In the same way we choose the clothes we wear or decide to have pierced ears or tattoos, stickers serve as a way to express our individuality and personalities. They tell a story of who we are and allow us to connect with like-minded people; saying “this is what I like” and “this is what I support”. Even committing to the inevitable sticky nightmare of when the paper starts to erode away.

Stickers Can Build Brand Ambassadors

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Whether attending a conference, ordering a product from the web or just popping into a store, stickers are a great non-committal way to build relationships with customers. Many businesses include free stickers with their products, especially brands that produce aesthetically pleasing products or have a strong logo design, such as Vans, Apple or Nike. If free stickers are offered, the ball is in the court of the customer as to whether they use them or not. However, those that do will adorn their phones, laptops and even cars with them; as a way to stand out from the crowd and show their commitment to your brand, not only reminding them of your brand, but sharing it with others too!

Stickers and Exposure

Much like other promotional material such as leaflets and posters, stickers with your brand can get you some useful exposure. Though, unlike leaflets and posters, stickers travel far and wide depending on what they are stuck on! Stickers are much more likely to reach a larger audience purely because they are displayed on a wide variety of places, as opposed to a poster that stays in one place, or a leaflet that might get crumpled up at the bottom of a bag. They also increase the effectiveness of other marketing campaigns. People are much more likely to trade information such as an email address for an attractive looking sticker, so be prepared to use it as a bargaining tool!

Stickers and Brightsea

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We have experience in designing and printing a wide range of stickers for all occasions. One of the common uses for stickers and labels is for packaging, such as food jars, paper bags and cardboard boxes. These can elevate your packaging design and convey the story of your brand to potential customers. In the past, we’ve also printed car stickers and stickers for retail teams such as sale and offer labels.

To help you start on your sticker journey, our team will be able to talk you through getting your first batch of stickers designed and printed. Here at Brightsea printers, Devon, we have all of your printing needs covered to ensure you have the best quality for your all of your business promotional material.